November 12 2018



ROOM (18:04)

Call to Order: Frost Student Association Meeting

Roll Call of Members Present: Amanda Moore, President Shivam Parikh, Vice President

Patrick Santos, Director of Athletes Victoria Hynes, Director of Student Life Adam Alaimo, Director

of Sustainability Alison Smith, Guest

Marie Dietrich, Guest

Sherry Polley, Office Manager

Absent: N/A

Declaration of Conflict of Interest: N/A. Approval of Agenda: All approved.

Approval of Previous Minutes: All approved. Meeting Agenda:

I. Call to Order

II. Roll Call of Members Present

1) Declaration of Conflict of Interest

2) Announcement

3) Call for New Business

III. Approval of Agenda

IV. Approval of Previous Minutes

V. Round Table Discussion

1) Auditors

2) Friday Night Bar Hours

3) Video Games Corner/Auk's Games

4) United Way Chilli

5) Queer Youth Open Mic

6) GPA's

7) Sherry's Procedures

8) College Meeting Updates

9) Food Services Advisory Committee

10) Mental Health Funds Update

11) Shuttle Bus (Adam)

12) Farmer's Market Reminder (Adam)

13) Moving Advertisement (Adam)

14) Open House

VI. Business

1) PlayStation

VII. Motion to Adjourned

Meeting Discussion:

1) Auditors

Alison Smith and Marie Dietrich, auditors from Grant Thornton LLP, met with the FSA to provide

financial statements for 2018 auditing. Overall, the financial statements present fairly in all

material respects. The results of the FSA 2018 audit are in accordance with Canadian accounting

standards for not-for-profit organisations.

Sherry and guests left the meeting.

2) Friday Night Bar Hours

Amanda announced the bar averaging profit from 6pm to 9pm is $20, and operation during the months

from February to April in between those hours has an averaging profit of $7.

Motion: Amanda motioned to close the bar at 6pm on Friday. Vote: All 5 for, 0 opposed.

3) Video Games Corner/Auk's Games

Amanda announced the PlayStation in the Auk's Lodge no longer works.

Victoria proposed to replace by a new cost-effective system, retro gaming, which would allow to

buying more games for less.

Discussions made and proposal accepted.

Victoria and Amanda to visit Iceman game store to obtain a quote. Victoria suggested checking if

the Wii is in working condition.

Adam announced the ping-pong table and the air hockey table had broken and proposed to purchase new


Amanda proposed replacing the air hockey table with foosball. Discussions made and all in favour of

purchasing a new ping-pong table. Amanda to provide quotes for foosball.

Adam to delegate Sarah to provide quotes for a new ping-pong table. Victoria proposed D&D game to

incorporate in the gaming corner.

Victoria to provide quotes for D&D manual.

4) United Way Chilli

In previous meetings, Scott had agreed to make two chilli crockpots. As Scott is no longer with the

FSA, Amanda will now be making the chilli crockpot.

Amanda to make a chilli crockpot for Thursday, November 22nd, United Way event.

5) Queer Youth Open Mic

The event will be held on November 16th, from 18:30 to 20:30 at the Warehouse Youth Centre. Amanda

proposed to promote the event to all students. Proposal accepted.

6) GPA's

Amanda announced GPA check for each Board member, as according to the constitution, each member is

required to have above 2.0 GPA.

7) Sherry's Procedures

Amanda confirmed the procedures were voted and approved over email.

8) College Meeting Updates

Amanda updated on the Academic Council Meeting held at Peterborough, including faculties and the


• Two new programs will be implementing at Frost campus: Thermal Hydraulic and Animal Biology,

which are add-ons from Drilling and Fish and Wildlife.

• Indigenous Designate Prospective will be introducing in all programs across all campuses.

• The Academic Appeal process would be made simpler for students.

Amanda passed on thanked from the Stomp Out Stigma team to the FSA for the contribution and briefed

on the meeting discussion. The raised issue including the speaker hours to move forward and keeping

the bar open.

Amanda confirmed no changes to the speaker hours at the next Stomp Out Stigma event, and there is a

possibility of the bar being open during future events.

Amanda briefed about Social Media Focus group and announced that the FSA would be updating its

Instagram account. The account would be accessible for all Board members and updates regularly with

posts and pictures.

Amanda mentioned that Sherry Sutton at the Testing Centre has full access to D2L; Amanda to send

future FSA events to Sherry, for contents to appear on D2L Homepage.

Amanda briefed regarding Frost Operational Team (FOT), which created by the Dean and involved the

FSA, Facilities, Research Analysis, Food Services, and Student Engagement. Amanda had provided FOT

with the latest FSA activities, including AGM, clubs, events, Auk's Lodge plans, staff review, bike

loan contribution, etc.

Amanda mentioned Mark Gray, who is considering dedicating a quiet room for praying. The proposing

room is R158.

9) Food Services Advisory Committee

Amanda mentioned Markovich, Head of Food Services at Fleming College, had requested two students

for volunteering next week. These students will be answering questions in relates to food quality

at the college.

Adam and Victoria volunteered.

Amanda to send the confirmation and volunteer names to Markovich.

10) Mental Health Funds Update

Amanda confirmed the actual fund for mental health services is $15k, not $20k as previously stated;

this is due to $5k was not taken into account for payment to counsellors.

Amanda to contact Cindy English, Purchasing Officer at Fleming College, to access the funds. Amanda

proposed a Smoothie Day where the FSA would be giving free smoothies during lunch hour. Discussions

made, and the agreed date is December 6th.

Bonnie to contact Fresh FueLL, a local health eatery, to obtain smoothie quotes.

11) Shuttle Bus (Adam)

Adam raised the question of a Trent student using the Frost shuttle bus.

Discussions made on whether non-Fleming students should be able to use the service. All agreed that

non-Frost students would be required a guest pass, and the service will not be open to the public.

Adam to inform students about the policy.

Adam presented the Shuttle Bus Report draft, including concerns regarding contract renewal, fees

increase, etc.

Adam to complete and create an accessible folder of the shuttle bus information to all students and


Victoria suggested presenting the new contract end date on all marketing materials to avoid

misleading future students who will be expecting to use the service.

Adam raised concern regarding misleading advertisement of the shuttle bus service as public

transport, had caused confusion and inconvenience to students who live in Peterborough.

Discussions made regarding rights and contents to marketing the shuttle bus service.

Adam to request quotes for a new shuttle bus contract and to meet with the Frost Sustainable Campus

Initiative and the Dean to propose for funding from the college.

Further information to be updated.

12) Farmer's Market Reminder (Adam)

Adam updated on Farmer's Market, which will be held on Wednesday.

13) Moving Advertisement (Adam)

Adam presented a local's flyer advertising moving service and proposed for distribution around

campus. Proposal rejected due to the concern of the service provider not being an official company.

14) Open House

Amanda presented a mock presentation for Open House day promoting FSA services.

Amanda to update a new bus schedule, Director names, and new healthcare plan, on the presentation


Amanda confirmed working hour of all Board members on Open House.


1) PlayStation

2) Club approval

Victoria had not received the return form from Delta Waterfowl Club.

Victoria briefed about the Logger Sports Club, including captains, coach, and 29 athletes, as well

as the club's type of hosting pub nights to raise funds.

Victoria questioned the $50 incentive for new clubs and clubs renewal each year, and was confirmed

to be correct information.

Victoria to communicate with Sherry in regards to the Logger Sports missing fund-request form.

3) Hockey Game

Patrick updated on the hockey game purchasing of Cow Bell noisemakers, foam tubes, and pompoms.

Patrick confirmed the prizes of Maple Leaf Jersey, Fleming Jersey, and a surprise mystery box.

Patrick to contact Jon/Chris (head of SAC event) informing the Auk's Lodge hosting capacity and

encouraging supporters early arrivals.

Meeting Adjourned at 20:10

Date for next meeting: Monday, November 19th, 2018 @ 18:00.